Our Squad

Dhruv Agrawal, CEO

A medico from VMMC & SJH, Delhi and an electrical engineering nerd from American Public University

Faith Jiwakhan, CTO

Medico from VMMC & SJH, Delhi and Diploma in Robotics from EIT, Australia, Faith is an avid robotics enthusiast

Nisha Dagar, COO

Medico from VMMC & SJH, Delhi with a knack for physics, Nisha is a visionary thinker and problem solver 

Yatharth Aggarwal, Electronics Engineer

Breaths life into the products using his exemplary coding skills and remarkable circuit design skills 

Anwaar Mustafa, Mechanical Engineer

Masters in CAD, CAM and Robotics with a passion for medical device design, development and manufacturing. 

Dr. Vishal Bansal, Investor and Advisor

Our guide, mentor and guru, Dr. Vishal is an early stage investor in healthcare startups, leading Healthstart Incubator