Piotr was born without his left hand. He is an active prosthetic user and had been using cosmetic and myoelectrics before, but they offered very little in the way of functionality that the Zeus bionic hand provides.

Even during the first days of using Zeus, I felt a massive difference in dexterity in precision work, essential to my job as a photographer. I also enjoyed the futuristic look of my hand and my matching socket, so that I was no longer hiding my prosthesis, but showing it off!
– Piotr Krukowski

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Kinga was born without her right hand and has faced multiple challenges to pursue her dream of being a car mechanic. Zeus is her first prosthetic hand which – thanks to her personal customization – both restores her personality and adds design flare.

I was surprised how easy it was to use the Zeus, having not had a prosthesis before. I needed its strength and durability as a mechanic, but also wanted to show my personality through a cool design
– Kinga Wawro

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Jatin was born without his right hand and had never used a prosthesis due to the lack of availability of an appropriate option. Jatin has been with us on his journey for quite some time now and, by piloting our previous iterations of Zeus, helped us bring a better product to the world.

“I always wanted a prosthesis but up until now, there was never an affordable, effective and strong bionic hand like Zeus. The price/performance ratio for Zeus gives hope not just to me, but thousands like me across the globe.”
– Jatin Nagpal

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