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Zeus - Regain Control

Zeus is a high functioning, multi-articulating bionic hand combining ease of control with an elegant and robust design. It enables the user to perform everyday tasks from picking up a pen to holding a dumbbell with confidence. With the option to customize your own grip patterns on top of the standard 12, you can not only perform everyday tasks with ease but even master ones specific to your routine
Advanced signal processing and wireless gain adjustment in our EMG sensors paired with proportional speed allow for a seamless transition between precise yet strong grips.

Get your favourite pattern hydro dipped over Zeus and choose from the 10 different colour options for your life like silicone gloves as well! You are in for a seamless experience with advanced signal processing and wireless gain adjustment in our EMG sensor paired with proportional speed control for any delicate task.

key features


One of the highest grip strength on the market, greater than 150 Newtons


Speed and strength that mirrors your muscle force to provide a secure grip


Novel damage resistant fingers without compromising on grip strength


Embrace your individuality with a variety of silicone gloves and hydro dipped patterns

grip modes

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