Zeus, Developed by Aether Biomedical, is a bionic limb for upper limb amputees with below elbow amputation

8 Grip Modes

Zeus can perform upto 8 grip modes allowing the amputee to perform daily life tasks with ease

Proportional Control

Zeus allows the amputee to modulate the strength of the grip giving him precise control so that he can pick up delicate objects like eggs

AI based optimization

Zeus utilized the power of AI to detect the users intent of perform flawless actions

Opposable Thumb

With its patented thumb structure, Zeus is designed to be anthropomorphic


Zeus is lightweight and has a durable construction for long lasting performance

Jatin Nagpal, Chief Pilot - Zeus

 I am Jatin Nagpal, Chief Pilot for Zeus - The bionic limb. I have been working as a pilot with this team for the past 1 year and am highly proud of the work that they are doing. I believe that they have found the right gap - the need for a low cost - high efficacy prosthesis. As an amputee, It was always my desire to have a robotic hand at an affordable price which would allow me to perform my daily actions without any problems. Zeus defines it all. It is sleek and quite elegant and delivers a power-packed performance. 

I believe such a prosthesis is highly required in countries of Asia and Africa. For USA and UK, Zeus could serve as a great point to start with. 

I am quite happy with how Zeus is shaping up to be and am confident that it would create a huge social as well as economic impact. 


Witness Zeus in action, driven by its chief pilot - Jatin